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        HOME > introduction >  Logistics and Quality Control





        More than 30,000 specifications and models of seals, industry belts, bearings, auto parts and tools are stored in our large-scale warehouse. The logistics, such as like purchasing, selling, in stock and ex-warehouse is managed by the software of SAP ERP. We can ensure customers’ requirements to supply goods at any time, especially ensure zero stock for OEM customers. An intelligent vertical circulation container is newly used to search products automatically by inputting the information which saves labor and is more convenient for the statistics of goods.


        We continually complete the procedure of quality control to better the quality of our products. Quality control department was set and equipped with professional personnel. We purchased digital Shore A hardness tester, 3D optical projector, precision ∏ruler and so on apart from general testing equipments. Every shipment of goods is inspected and each product is spot checked by the industrial standard.