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        HOME > introduction >  laikai Machinery

          Laikai  Machinery  --registered on October,12th 2007, is a Sino-German joint venture invested by Germany LWB Steinl GmbH and China Beijing Kaiming Trade & Industry Co,. Ltd.

        We are a world famous rubber injection machine manufacturer oriented from Germany, who is the leader and creator of the rubber injection technology all over the world. LWB Germany owns the international advanced and specialized rubber injection technology.STG GmbH—the branch company of LWB Group, is a famous company in the world who produces sealing metal carriers. STG is the leadership of the modern lanced carrier technology and quality.

        We produce rubber injection machine and compression presses in accordance with the German technology and drawings. We introduce the world advanced high technology TPE material injection machines for the automotive door seals and glass seals, and different tons of rubber injection machine. Our purpose is: implementing production-sales-service as a complete and modern management mode, introducing German technology to China, open the market of China and the whole Asia.